Log Scaling Services
  • Pacific Rim Log Scaling Bureau, Inc. is a private not-for-profit company which acts as a third party scaling organization for the purpose of scaling and grading logs. The board of directors is comprised of subscribers to the Bureau's services. Our scaling services cover Western Washington and Alaska.
  • Log scaling services include certification of log scale and log inventory control. We also expand sample scale data. All information is available as reports or data files. All information is secure and no information is given to any unauthorized party. The Bureau has built its reputation on reliability, accuracy and trustworthiness.
  • The Bureau also has an invoicing system which is linked to certificates. This allows for creation of invoices based on certified log scale and priced by sort, species/grade, or weight.
  • Data files are emailed by the Bureau. Any report or certificate can be sent as an image file as well. Data files can be customized for each client.
  • Check Scales
  • Pacific Rim check scaling and training policy:
  • A minimum of 10 check scale loads per scaler is completed each quarter. Remote check scales are preferred when possible.
  • 2 scaler training sessions per year are held in each area.
  • Area Managers and Check Scalers discuss with the scaler log scale measurements, grades, and deductions when making site visits.
  • Location check scale summaries are available for customers.
  • Computer System
  • Pacific Rim uses an Intel based SQL Server with capability of transmitting data in a Windows environment.
  • Certificate images are available upon customer request.
  • Scalers in the field use an Allegro handheld computer.